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A Few Things is a weekly newsletter covering turning points in business, markets and technology.

I work to help myself and others understand what is happening in business, markets and technology by bringing the big ideas past and present to help understand the future.

This means that we don’t just cover the latest news, but also bring timeless wisdom from both old and current books to bare on the challenge.

Who Reads A Few Things?

Readers include hedge fund managers, tech company founders, venture capitalists, CEOs and Family Offices.

With one common trait: Curiosity about the world around us.

What is A Few Things About?

This is a solo operation, so it’s one person’s view of what’s interesting in the world. Themes include:

  • Markets: You can get long or short any business almost instantly, but for a business to really change usually takes decades. Markets are a leading indicator of a) the state of the world, and b) what’s uncertain about it.

  • Great Books: What can we learn from the writings of the Stoics, from the great business leaders and how are those lessons relevant to us today.

  • New Tech: What are the new and unproven technologies that will be impacting and changing our lives. What can we do benefit from them?

And some narrower, more time-sensitive trends:

  • Covid-19 has had an immense impact on society, but the long-term effects are just starting to play out. These include political shifts, breakdowns in the supply chain, mass insolvency in small businesses, and growth in the biggest and most profitable technology companies.

  • As competition between the US and China gets sharper, tech companies will get more politicized and supply chains will break as the economy de-globalizes.

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